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This is my little personal corner of the great web. It's been a while since I changed anything here. Seems like the social networks replaced the personal websites. Enjoy some old pictures. You can contact me via social networks or e-mail. Thanks for coming by!
March Mishmash Purim celebration at Stanford Hillel    
February House party at Julia Levites    
October With Levka in Maine, Boston and New York
August Spelunking in California Caverns
January Emil's racing day in Laguna Seca
November Thanksgiving Vacation on Kauai
August With Emil and Yulya in Moscow
July Camping at Lake Powell, Arizona/Utah
May Vacation in Sweden, Germany and Netherlands
January Karaoke party at Igor and Sofa house
December New Years Eve in San Francisco Symphony Hall
November Thanksgiving Vacation on Maui
SeptemberVacation in St Petersburg, Germany and Holland
SeptemberMy 30th birthday party at Sanborn Park in Saratoga
June Roadtrip through National Parks of Great American West
June Snake River Rafting in Grand Teton National Park
April Vacation in Washington, DC & New York
March Yaroslaw, DLM, Emil and others
December Pre New Year Party at my house
December Vacation in Tuscany with Misha & Sara
November Thanksgiving in Las Vegas and Canyons
August Vacation in NYC, St Petersburg, Moscow and Prague
May Leonid Litvak PhD Defence in Stanford
April Me and Marinka visiting Boston
February My nieces Ella and Sonya of Ivanovo
December New Year party at Stas & Zhenya House in San Francisco
October Visiting Marina and Victor in Hoboken
SeptemberThree Most Wanted by SFPD
August Vacation in St Petersburg
July Snow-hiking in Lassen Volcanic Park
June Picnic at Vasona Lakea, Los Gatos, CA
April Vacation in England, France and Germany
December With Ilya and Lucia in Frankfurt
December Dancing pads at Ardulov's
SeptemberVacation in St Petersburg
January New Year with Anya, Dina and Anton in Prague
December Christmas in Germany, Belgium and Netherlands
October Borya Berdnikov in SF Bay Area
SeptemberWith Gena and Marina in Disneyland
July With Misha, Fogel and Tanya in Barcelona
June "Aquarium" concert in San Francisco
January New Year in St Petersburg
December Christmas with Ilya and Lucia in Frankfurt
SeptemberI'm receiving ticket for speeding in Santa Clara
May Ilya, Lucia and Igor in Germany
December With Khait, Levka and our cars at Villa Montalvo
December My new Yamaha Digital Piano, San Jose
July Vacation in St Petersburg
March Skiing at Lake Tahoe
November With Gena and Natasha in San Francisco
August My first visit to beautiful San Francisco
June With Gena and Natasha in Bogart's cafe in St Petersburg
May With Misha Lyssy in Prague
October Sohnut Group trip to Israel
August Math summer camp near St Petersburg
August Math summer camp near St Petersburg
Sometime Lucia, St Petersburg
Sometime My friends from different KSP clubs, St Petersburg
Spring Class of School #195, St Petersburg
Sometime Children Capella Choir Concert, St Petersburg

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